Monday, February 27, 2006

Spheres of Influence

I still need to work on the corners... they are driving me insane... and it still needs a label and sleeve.. but I'm calling Spheres of Influence done.

Actually, I'm probably going to redo the facing on the back... I sewed it on, mitered it on the front, then turned it to back. And I think there was something in doing that wonked the corners. It was perfectly square and flat before I did that.

So, OK.. it isn't done. but it's close.

This is being sent down to Anne Copeland the beginning of March to be part of the Changing Perspectives show.

So what is it? White sheeting, with the lines drawn, then resisted with soy wax. Painted with Creatix pigment in primary colors only. Each sphere, one color. The colors blended and the circles overlapped. Then stitched the entire thing again using primary colored threads that overlap and mix to make the colors.

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