Sunday, April 15, 2007

Friday night on Sunday Morning

Mycomputer died in the middle of posting this (it's having a heat problem). Fortunately, firefox saves everything. Class is a blast!! Will try to post more current pictures later. But first, here's my impression of Friday's arrival.:

The sky at dusk as clouds were just moving in gave everything a bit of a milky wash. I don't normally use that word to describe the NoCal landscape, but I've used it a lot this late winter/early spring.

While taking that shot, this salad was positioned near the window. First part of our dinner. Mixed greens with a couple artichoke hearts and a wonderful slice of goat's cheese.

I trust that Gerrie is keeping you informed of the desserts. They are beautiful and tasty.

I am thankful that I made it here this year, as I have just learned that this second AQC will be it's last.

As least I've had this experience once.

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