Monday, May 14, 2007

New Week Restart...

First, thank you all who commented (or tried) over the weekend. Haloscan had a server go down; many comments completely disappeared and the rest were cut short. Still several persevered.

Karoda.. about my writing/reading talent. I believe this was something hard-wired when I was born. I noticed it in elementary school; used it to cheat on one test (read the Gettysburg Address from the teacher's copy), but found no real use for it. I thought everybody could do it! So far I've only found a few people with the talent.

This weekend I got the surfaces cleared my workroom. This week I need to clear off the shelves and bookcase, toss a lot of stuff, donate a lot more and decide what I'm going to use in the next year. Not use it? Then it it's either being stored in the garage, given away, or sold somehow.

After this visible stuff is organized the drawers of stuff need to be gone through too.

In the meantime, I've written notes for blogposts, started (gasp) mind-mapping notes for a series, started journalling some important ideas (like the fear of success). I've written (on a white board) my goals for this week in several parts of my life.

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