Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday's Wanderings

Don't these pigeons roosting in an archway look terribly European?

They are not. This is a house the dogs and I regularly pass when we're out walking. It was a nice house before the pigeons showed up.

I am still not doing much creatively, but it's OK. I was focused a bit on the Bay to Breakers, and now I'm planning summer activities (we go on our cruise in just a couple weeks, then there are a couple plays to see, Stitch and Pitch to attend, BlogHer in Chicago.. and that just gets me through July!).

Oh, and my computer is going into the "computer spa" while we're cruising, and the dogs are boarded... so the whole house gets a vacation!! Something about using a laptop on your lap that slowly (or quickly) kills it! Thank goodness I bought a warrenty with this baby!! Still it means I need to back up files just incase they disappear in the whole spa experience!

But I'm catching up on reading everyone's blogs (yes, I am way behind, I admit it!) and I'm planning a dye-day with some friends when I get back to the US. So creative things are on the horizon.

While I'm not making anything interesting, is there anything new you've found that I should be sure not to miss??
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