Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stitch and Pitch, Year Two. Play Ball!!

I love baseball!!

So I'm thrilled to post that Stitch and Pitch is returning to baseball stadiums around the country. There have already been five stadiums to host the excitement: The Diamondbacks, Rangers, Reds, Nationals and Dodgers. Three teams will host in June: Royals, Indians and Phillies. Eight teams will be fiber rich in July, and six final stadiums in August.

Even if your game is scheduled late, do try to participate in CRAFT's Stitch N' Pitch Design contest.

Are you planning on attending one of the games??

Crazy Aunt Purl and The DivaKnits already attended the fun at a Dodgers game, while Wicked Stitches attended the Reds game and shares photos of the swag. Nittany Knits (lucky gal!) not only attended the Nationals game on May 15th, but will be at the Pirates game in July!

Knitting Without Dog Hair Is Not An Option has her tickets for the Braves game and she is not a sports fan.

Pooch announced that Interweave Press is working to organize a blog meet-up and bring a huge crowd to the Rockies game in July.

And I will be present to experience the fun when Stitch and Pitch comes to Giants Game!!

If you're planning on attending one of these games and blog about it, please send me the link. I'd like to create a round-up of all the fun and would hate to miss you!!

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