Thursday, May 10, 2007

Seven Things

Gerrie tagged me to do the Seven Things meme. I'm going to do it, but I'm NOT tagging anyone. If you haven't been tagged yet and need something to blog about, feel free to leave a comment telling me that you've done it. I'll recap any meme's this weekend.

Seven Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. When I was four I took baton lessons. They tended to have the beginners stand next to the "not quite beginners".. and I was always watching them and trying to do what THEY did. Even at that age I always wanted to skip the boring basics and get to the more interesting stuff.

2. I color my hair. But I color it what was my natural color. (btw, it's dark ash blonde/lightest ash brown. Loreal Preference 6.5 A I think is the perfect color!).

3. I can read upside down and backwards. So if the text is facing you, I can read it almost as quickly as if it were facing me.

4. I sang first alto in choir from 6th grade on. When I got past the fall "find your voice" exercises, my range was E below middle C to a hard-push to G above high C. Didn't like those high notes, though. One year my teacher asked me to move to 2nd soprano; I hated it and begged to be moved back. Alto makes me very happy.

5. I was an alpha-tester for New Math back in the late '60s. So I can talk set theory with the best of them, but I cannot divide anything harder than 6 divided by 6 without a calculator (it's those 7s and 8s x table things that confuse me.).

6. I am almost always moving: rocking, swinging, jiggling something. done so all my life. Why? I don't know.

7. I have broken several bones but never had a cast. Yes, that means toes (4) and fingers (2). When I broke a knuckle on my left hand (walking our dog, Prince), I played 6 sets of tennis the next day even though the joint dislocated every time I tossed a serve.

That's seven. Who else wants to play???

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