Thursday, May 17, 2007

Before something happens in the world, it must happen in your mind. CS Lewis

Damn. I haven't posted since Monday? I swear that in my mind I was writing posts! There was some disconnect between my mind and the keyboard, though. What possibly could it have been? Could it have been the realization this past weekend that I leave for a 2 weeks cruise in less than a month? And I don't know exactly what I'm packing? And I'm not sure I have what I need?

I have become distracted with thoughts of supportive walking shoes that will be comfortable in hot, humid weather (Turkey, Greece, Italy). Today I ordered an pair of Keen Rosarita's from Zappos to cover this. They didn't have the more neutral carmel color, so I chose the neutral garnet instead. What?? Red is a neutral!!

I have been distracted by the skirts I started sewing a couple months ago for this cruise. They are still unhemmed. I will playing with marking a straight hem on them tonight. Keep your fingers crossed.

I have been distracted with writing an "skills based" resume. I figure that I want to do some volunteering to get out of the house a bit (and maybe polish my skills for some paying work to cover workshops and fun things like shoes..). Being able to accurately represent what I've done and what I can do is important. Unfortunately for me, I tend to downplay my skills; fortunately for me, I have friends who won't let me get away with that.

I have been distracted with an idea for a short story. Not yet to the stage where I can write anything; I'm enjoying developing the structure. It's based in part on a line that Sonji wrote about when she was dating Townsend... part on my idea about learning how to score a baseball game... part on my belief that Baseball is a metaphor for life. But it's mainly about how a small shift in one's perspective can change your life.

oh.. that belief about scoring a baseball game? I believe it is something that one learns from a person (not a book or website). It's a tradition thing, I guess. Anyway, I'm still waiting for someone to teach me how to do it.

Guess this post could have gone my other blog: Deb's Daily Distractions

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