Sunday, May 06, 2007

Clouds: May 2nd.

I had plans for a very different post today; I had had plans to go to the De Young on Sunday to see the Vivienne Westwood exhibit. Alas, our plans had to be postponed. My take on this exhibit will have to wait a couple weeks. (sigh)...

Last week I did a bit a dyeing... some light pieces that I'll eventually use as the basis for some more play based on Rayna's class.

I think, though, that before I do that, I should finally unpack from that class. Which means I need to spend time this week, pulling lots of stuff out of my workroom, deciding what will go somewhere else and what will go back into the room, and getting it put away. Then putting away the supplies.

I mean, how long can a frying pan with soy wax in the bottom sit sideways on a chair in the living room?? It's getting hot outside!!

While this task is mundane, it gives me an opportunity to really think about what I want to be working on, if anything. Weed out the unlikely paths, focus my future. Dream and contemplate a bit.

And, I'm determined to find other space for me in this house, so I don't drop shopping bags, magazines, books, laundry and other stuff in this "my" room.

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