Monday, May 21, 2007

You Never Walk Alone

Sunday I participated in the 2007 version of the Bay to Breakers Race. I walked the 12K course in the middle of walking about 10 miles. After leaving BART in the city, I walked about a mile to the staging area where we waited for the horn that signalled our race began. As I stepped over the START line, the chip I was wearing on my shoe began keeping my time.

While I did not walk with any friends, when you do this race you NEVER walk alone.

Bay To Breakers_Never Alone

The challenge of the race, whether running or walking, happens at the 2.5 mile mark: heading up the Hayes Street Hill, which tops off at 215 feet and has a 11.15% incline. Look closely, several of the naked racers made it into this shot.
Hayes Street Hill

From the crest of the hill, it's basically all downhill through the city and into Golden Gate Park. You know you are nearing the end when you see the Breakers.
The Breakers
Turn the corner to walk down Highway 1 to the Finish Line:
The Finish LIne

After crossing the line, we continued walking.... about another mile to the place where they magically read our chips. I did the race (7.5 miles) in 2:22:32. Considering that I stopped twice to stretch out a crampy left hamstring, and to live Twitter the race (a feat that impressed several friends!!), that isn't a bad time. I believe I walked most of the time at my fairly normal 3.25 MPH.

At the end of the "walking" was the party zone:
The PartyZone

There was a beer garden, lots of food, bands, and general party-themed activities. This is also where I need to be to a) get my t-shirt and b) stand in line for the bus ride back to BART.

The tents with the t-shirts are across the field... more walking. And the line to catch the bus?? Well, I waited about an hour while walking in a slowly moving line almost another mile to get to the bus.

Then MUNI chose to give us all a scenic 45 minute tour of the city while trying to get us all back to BART. Folks might complain about BART, but it was fast, on time and didn't ask me to walk miles.

The entire experience was wonderful, and I'm hoping to do it again next year. All the extra walking was a pain.. but the truly sad thing was that MAKER FAIRE was also being held in the city this weekend; and my poor legs could only choose to do one of the two activities.
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