Thursday, May 31, 2007

Craft In America

Did you catch it?

I settled in to watch the 3 hour airing of CRAFT IN AMERICA, ready to be inspired and educated. I was not disappointed. I love to watch artists working! I love to hear them talk about their process. I want to know what drew them to a specific craft. For three hours I felt like I was sitting at the feet of these artists, drinking in their lives.

It was wonderful.

It is the best part of my job as BlogHer's Contributing Editor for hobbies. Many professional craftspersons and artists reject the category when listing their blogs, yet there are many bloggers who began their craft blogs as hobbyists and have grown to professionals in part because of their blogs. They build community online, support each other and regularly give us glimpses of their process.

And I "have to" read their words to share them. I tell ya, sometimes life is hard.

I'm working on a list of some of the best "process sharing" bloggers I read. I'll try to get that posted here before the weekend.

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