Friday, June 01, 2007

Just So's Ya Know...

(sailboats on San Pablo Bay. Taken with full zoom. Have I mentioned lately that I love my camera?? I do!)

Just so's ya know, I'm still here.

Looking at the last month, I haven't taken many photos (and have shown even fewer); I haven't written many blog posts; I haven't done much of anything worth blogging about.

Monday I'm talking to the pros about better living through chemistry. Sure seems to me that mine must be outta whack.

And also so's ya know...

Friday or Saturday I'm dropping off my laptop for a trip to the computer spa.

Next Sunday (6/10) I'm leaving for a 2 week vacation.

So whatever you hear from me this week will be it until sometime after 6/24.

God, I'm going to have a readership of about 10 by then!! But I'll love each and every 10 of ya!

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