Saturday, June 30, 2007

Goal Checking (CAC)

I'm home, which means it's time to start catching up on the fun at Create A Connection. Today, Julie ZS made a great point:

Are we accomplishing our goals? Let's check in!

Last December 30th, I wrote:


-get strong physically. It helps me feel healthy.

-control the "siren song" of the laptop and the TV. (I'll admit it, I'm
addicted, but more later)

-get out among people more (volunteer? work?) .

-continue working on my writing.

-learn photo shop.

-get back into the workroom.

When I checked the year-long prediction from the new astrologer at BlogHer, KT's major theme for we Crabs was: develop a diet and exercise program that you will maintain for life. Seems that the universe was pushing that idea on me. Yes, it succeeded. I am 30# lighter, eating more healthfully (most of the time), and actually miss it when I don't work out. My moods are better too.

Control time on the computer and background TV: Not so much. I'm going to revise this for the 2nd half of the year to make it more specific: Turn off the TV and close the laptop for 4 hours a day. The way the original was written was too vague.

Slightly successful. I've started trying to get out more. It's baby steps for me, though. Perhaps another more specific goal: have 3 occasions (an hour longer or more) each week where I am out interacting with people in some planned activity. (and no, spouse, taking the dog to the vets or seeing the dentist does not count). Acceptable activities: luncheons/evening lectures, Geek Breakfasts, docent at a museum, movie with a friend.

Not successful. My writing has suffered this year because of personal distractions. Often I simply crank something out, barely proof it, and press "publish". I have, however, started several blogs about great writing. And I'm slowly beginning to integrate those ideas into my work. And this summer, with most of the evening entertainment in repeats, I will spend some time each evening sharpening those skills.

Nope. Haven't done it yet. The only positive step I took was buying a photo shop elements tutorial book.

Nope. Pretty much a failure there, too. But I'm beginning to think that I need to redefine what I expect from the workroom. Before I get in there to work, I need to define the work I'll be doing there. I have ideas. I don't have a clean and uncluttered place in which to expand upon it.

In January I proclaimed: I see the possibility for big change this year but it won't happen if I don't work at it. So 2007: The Year of Living Pro-Actively. And I believe that I am taking that position most of the time.

In review, my I am only moderately successful at achieving my goals for this year. But I've still got half a year to become more successful. And thanks to Julie, I've been reminded of the commitments I made at the beginning of the year to refocus the rest of the year.

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