Monday, July 02, 2007

Art and New Social Media

Blogumenta describes itself as the possibly the first art gallery/art fair group on Facebook. Running officially from June 16th, 2007 until July 16, 2007 the group encourages members to submit artwork.

The opening of the ceremony was announced by Michelle Kasprzak at where she described the event as an online reaction to the "Grand Tour" of large art festivals taking place throughout Europe this summer:

Blogumenta is more than that - it is a different kind of art event entirely. It has no physical gallery to visit, but there is an image repository on the website and in Facebook, one of the most popular social networking websites. It has no curator, but it was initiated by Robert and he is also the “Admin” of the Facebook group. The work itself is not for sale, but in the “Shopumenta” online store, you can purchase a Blogumenta ringer tee.
There is a companion blog to the Facebook space.

What is becoming interesting to watch are the other art activities springing up on Facebook, too.
There is a group that is discussing the connection between visual arts and language, there are museums and galleries...

So if MySpace is the home of all things pertaining to "bands and music".. will Facebook become the home to other aspects of the arts? And will this demonstrate further the perceived divide between the two?
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