Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Must. Remember. I'm. A. Blogger!

photo uploaded from Flickr. By Liz Henry.

Yes, I've been home from Chicago for about 36 hours now, so you'd think I would have a post or two published by now. Afterall, I'm a blogger coming home from a conference on blogging. I shouldn't forget.

Truthfully, I've catching up on my sleep. And all the post-BlogHer buzz about travel delays, illnesses and how we all loved seeing each other and miss each other already. There is even a rumor of someone flying cross-country next weekend to reconnect with her new BFF.

I swear I started a post while we were delayed at OHare, rambling on about living in closed-environments and how it kills the senses. My sinuses and lungs are still dry from the air; thankfully I've kind of recovered from the noise sufficiently that I don't expect my ears to spontaneously start bleeding.

Yeah, we're talking a riveting positive read about four of the very best days ever! That is probably why my addle-pated brain failed to save it. Consider yourselves lucky.

So where did I leave you? Elizabeth Edwards.

I truly loved this woman. She spoke her own mind, making it clear that what she believes is what she believes, and not necessarily what the campaign wants her to believe. That kind of openness is refreshing! She gave complete (often too complete) answers to every question, so there weren't as many asked as might have been.

As an aside: I am damn impressed with my complex verb structures here! Part of my brain isn't still dead asleep.

After the keynote speech, we all wandered the 1/2 mile down to the other end of Navy Pier and took over the Children's Museum for Saturday's cocktail party.

With Chloe Dao!

Dove Ultimate Clear supplied a ton of cotton t-shirts in bright colors that we could cut up and turn into stylin' fashions. Halter tops, sashed tank tops, a great 2 strap tank. The theme was sleeveless because of the Sleeveless Ready theme to the Dove ads. I spent about 1/2 the night at the project stations making stuff for myself and others, though I was not nearly as kick-ass as Elizabeth Perry! She made a great 2-shirt cardigan and a bag!

I'd have done better, but the scissors were cheap and dull, and the shirts only came in a medium. Too many ladies there couldn't fit into them (that's why Elizabeth made the cardigan). Also, when I wasn't slitting shirts I was slurping Pina Coladas.

Which might explain why on a dare (roomie Maria Niles gave me $1), I took off my original t-shirt, stuffed my bra straps into the cups (how did I not know this tip??) and pulled on my fabulous pink and green halter. I know that several ladies took their photo with me, so I will be searching the BlogherFlickr photostream until somebody gets her photos uploaded there!

BTW, if you do click over to the photostream, you will notice a number of photos that look like really nice scrapbook pages. That's because one of our sponsors (and really nice people) was ScrapBlog. I haven't had time to play with thier site yet, but one fabulous artist there took time to explain all about scrapbooking to me. What to look for to judge a great page from a so-so one. He even said I could email him for help!

A good thing. I've been called out for not writing about scrapbooking over at BlogHer. But if I don't know what I'm looking at, and they write in a way that doesn't makes me love them, what am I supposed to do? I could write about crafters and knitters and spinners even if I don't do it, because I've found great photographs and writing.


This is enough about the rest of day two. Let me save Sunday (day three) for Wednesday. Maybe by then I'll even have photos!

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