Thursday, July 19, 2007

Week, Next and Last

White Boat Golden Gate
Next week, I've got to get ready for my 4 days of BlogHer. I've got things going on each day! (whew! I will run myself silly! baseball game, cocktail parties, microphone wrangling, live blogging, CHRISTINE CANE, CHLOE DAO!! Take a peak at some of the activities being offered.. and this doesn't it all!) Gee, and they think that a blogger conference will be nerds in dark rooms!

I leave Wednesday evening for a red-eye flight to Chicago and get home about midnight Sunday night. I'm pretty sure that Monday will be nothing but sleeping and chillin'.

Ah well. Maybe that's why I've been so laid back this week. I remember sitting on the porch swing, reading my books, and doing some research on articles. Ah well.


I'm taking the dogs to Cesar Chavez park down in Berkeley. We haven't been there since 12/31 and I usually get some good photos down there. Like the boat above. We'll see what a summer walk offers.

Grocery shopping follows, then work on my sewing project. A couple weeks ago I cut out all the pattern pieces, now I can't find half of them. Re-drafting is in order! I'm hoping I finish up this project this weekend.

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