Friday, July 06, 2007

Catching Up.. next Comments!

Man in Pink Boat
Man in a Pink Boat: The island of Burano, Venice, Italy.

I finally spent this evening catching up on all the blogs in my feed. (did you see that Gabrielle actually blogged again?) While I took a quick moment to comment on a couple blogs, most of the time it was a quick read in my feedreader then on to the next one. Not that I didn't want to comment!! But given the choice of catching up almost completely or commenting and only getting part way through? Sorry, but I chose reading over writing tonight.

I promise that I'll try to comment on blogs within the next few days. You all deserve some love.

Friday's To Dos:

1. Grocery shop? First I have to check to see what's stashed in our freezer. if not, then vacuum and dust.

2. Write an article for BlogHer. What on?
I'm tempted to expand upon Sharon B.'s post this past week about child labor and inexpensive beaded goods. I need to have my writing brain working to get it right, though.

I can do a round up of the fun projects on knitting blogs, or quilting blogs. Is it just me, or do there seem to be fewer really fun projects and challenges being written about on quilting blogs? Please say I'm just missing them. I see lots of finished projects, but little real discussion of the process.. or things that make me believe it will be interesting to casual or non-quilter readers. (my audience at blogher).

I can write a round up of all the crafty podcasts.

I can try to find some of the charitable activities for crafters, quilters, and knitters (like Afghans for Afghans... which I've written about twice already!)

Hmm. other ideas? It's sad when I make a silent prayer to find something inspiring before I open up my feed reader. It usually works, but it's sad. (fingers crossed it will work again).

3. Begin my quarterly closet clean up.

This might shock some of you. Every 3 months I go through most of the clothes in my closet: if something doesn't fit (too large or too small) or if it's stained (more likely) or damaged, it gets tossed into the donation bin. I do not keep clothes for a "some day" that is anything more than someday I may need a dress instead of jeans. No "some day I'll fit into this again, or someday it may come back into fashion." It's wearable NOW or it's gone.

That's enough work for one day...

This weekend, if it cools, I'll be working in the garden and sewing a new purse I'm working on. Will there be photos by Monday??

Check out my other blog: Deb's Daily Distractions where I review (sadly, not favorably) a new website.

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