Saturday, July 14, 2007

This is going to Take All Day!!

I have a simple goal for today: get a couple new "head shots" taken. Me, bright and smiley.. a background that is not bland... and one with me sleeveless and showing my arms (there is this Dove-sponsored cocktail party at BlogHer in 2 weeks and they want these...).

Unfortunately, all the walls in the house are pale off-white. NOT what I want. Moving outside I'm in shadow (at the moment) and the backgrounds are lit. NOT what I want. When I check them, the backgrounds still have elements that are not desirable. NOT what I want.

And my photographer seems reluctant to participate in the process, quickly snapping 2 or 3 shots then wanting to leave. Also, he was brought up on the stand-em-straight-ahead-and-shoot-'em philosophy. Quick, painless and the ugliest pictures of humans one can take.

I have a tripod, but can't find my instruction book to know how to take timed photos. What I'm trying ain't working.


Wonder how to accomplish what should be a fun and slightly goody fifteen minute experience. At the moment, it feels like it's going to take all day. Where is a creative photography friend when I need one?

If I ever get a photo I like, my Saturday ToDos:

Farmer's Market
Walk the dogs
Play with PhotoShop
Finish constructing pieces for my project.
Grilled Animal Flesh and Farmer's Market veggies for supper.

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