Thursday, August 02, 2007

Notes for BlogHer 08

From Laurie White's Flickr photostream. This is Catherine Morgan (fellow CE) and I having some deep discussion on Thursday night. BTW, I completely LOVE Laurie and Catherine.

I've decided I've yammered enough about the past weekend. I'd yammer more, but I'm still waiting for photos to be uploaded. (Ahem, yeah... I'm talking to you Laurie!) Instead, for my own benefit as well as everybody else's, I'm going to make a list of things to remember for next year:

For BlogHer 08:

  • Bring a rollerbag to carry items to/from/around the conference. Living like a turtle with my life on my back for 3 days was a pain in the shoulder.
  • Leave the camera at home. I took few photos; it was extra weight and worry having it.
  • MAX: 2 pairs of jeans and 4 tshirts. One pair of supportive shoes. I am not the fashion plate person here. And I need space for the swag!
  • Color my hair (and maybe whiten my teeth and get my eyebrows done) a week before the conference. I might not be a fashion plate, but I can still look good.
  • Pack earplugs for more than just sleeping. Or investigate sound-cancelling headphones. Something to kill some of the background noise but let me hear the people.
  • Set reminders on my phone for sessions I don't want to miss. Then set it to vibrate. In my pocket. I won't miss anything important while I'm gabbing my face off and sipping espresso at the internet cafe.
  • Carry a small notebook in my hand (with pen this time) and use it. Note down when/where you meet people and get their cards. Copy down links in sessions.
  • Talk to more newbies.
  • Remember that I'll be tired and dehydrated and do whatever I can to compensate.

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