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Arftul Blogging: The Premiere Issue

Stampington has just issued a new quarterly publication: Artful Blogging. I picked up my own copy Friday and spent the weekend visiting with old and new friends inside. It's an interesting idea: create a publication that honors an online process. I was skeptical of the idea, but I think Stampington actually pulled off this feat.

There are 40 artists represented who blog about photography, illustration, craft, scrapbooking, althered books...the gamut of visual work. Each blogger discussed why they started and why they continue. Each author mentions building communities, connecting with like-minded folk, putting themselves out there, blogging the process, sharing the experience. All the reasons that we all began our blogs. It reinforces my belief that blogging is a personal state of mind.

There are partial blogposts from some of the artists highlighting their best writing. While this is a very visual publication, the words are like magic. This edition also features what the editor calls 6 creative "hubs". These are weekly or monthly challenge blogs like Studio Friday or Wednesday Stamper. They also have suggestions on blogging etiquette and how to get started.

Who are some of the artists featured in this issue??

BlogHer Keri Smith who just spoke at BlogHer07.

BlogHer Alicia Paulson has one of the most perfectly beautiful craft blogs ever.

BlogHer Artsy Mama will be throwing an Artful Blogger Party on her blog on Wednesday, August 8th. About the party, she writes:
I was thinking that each participating blog could post a quick tutorial on making some sort of artsy type craft. We could all skip around and get tons of fun ideas and try new techniques. Wouldn't that be fun!?...Last time this was a huge success and over 75 blogs had parties of their own and we had tons and tons of mingling bloggers all over the world attend. This time is sure to be bigger and better than ever!!
And a variety of other talented women represent including:

Art Tea Life a happy, colorful romp through craft!

Juju Loves Polka Dots a little bit of everything shows up on her blog.. including bad jokes at the moment.

Ornamental makes beautiful journals and altered books.

Posy Such a Story-Teller!! And this gal can sew!

Misty Mawn who writes long, rambling, beautiful posts about her life.

What's the buzz? Check out:

Figments of Cindy's Imagination


Newbie blogger cj stitching and blooms

Finally, Jaded Optomist who had an interesting line:
In a kinda weird new media/old media twist, Stampington & Co., known mostly (to me at least) for its crafty mags, is releasing a print magazine about...crafty bloggers. Of course, reading their blogs is free; buying the magazine is 14.95.

So is the publication worth forking over all that cash? In my opinion, yes. It would take me hours to prowl these blogs (ok and the 100 others I'd be reading) and I might never find the words supplied. I've spent the weekend overwhelmed by some of the visual pages, though. It's like a sugar-rush from eye candy.

But more importantly, for me, this just may be a way to share my life with friends who "just don't get" blogging, and don't understand what I do. They WILL "get" the images, they may finally understand the depth of the connections being made. With any luck, it means that they will "get me" a little more.

Do you have a great crafty blog? Stampington is looking for submissions for their next issues. They require your blog to be atleast 6 months old, that high-resolution versions of your artwork be available, and that you write a submission that is inspiring or entertaining. Ironically, they do not make it clear if email submissions are welcome.

Who would you nominate? Who would you like to read a bit more about?

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