Friday, August 17, 2007

Grinder rule no. 1

On the wall as you walk to your seats at Comisky Park (home of the White Sox). I'm trying to figure out how to adapt this rule to my own life.

Have I mentioned that I have been fighting a respiratory infection for the last few weeks? Hmm.. started the Tuesday before BlogHer.. so July 24th. Spent last week on a 5 day course of antibiotics which helped a lot, but still have a "little something". It seems to take forever anymore for me to get over these respiratory things. sigh.

Which might explain why I took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. It was yummy. I woke up feeling a breeze from the open window gently running over me. I had apparently not moved an iota since I laid down, lay down, lain down... since I hit the sheets. Deep muscle relaxation...

Thursday morning I went to Geek Breakfast (oh, what are rules? I can say I went to breakfast but not where? Can I say it was Geek Breakfast? I don't recall. Live with it!) Ok. I went to Geek Breakfast and a had a pleasant chat with several women there. One was a charming young woman getting ready for Burning Man. She had asked to meet her there because she needed to borrow my sewing machine.

(I hear the collective gasp of all of you. But it's OK).

So after eating, the two of us wandered out to the pupmobile where I gave her a quick and dirty lesson in threading the machine, threading the bobbin (I gave her 5 pre-wound bobbins so she wouldn't have to deal with winding part).. and showed her the owners manual, etc.

She was happy when she first saw the machine. "My mother sewed on a paff! Though not this fancy." And she was thrilled to see it all coming back to her while we sped through the lessons. I wish her lots of luck and fun playing my 7550. In it's absence, I will be forced to clean my work room. so it's all good.

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