Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Freaking Out A Little...

(I believe this is Hagia Sophia. Anyway, it's Istanbul, Turkey)

Somewhere in the second half of our vacation, I realized I was happy. Happy for no obvious reason.

Just plain and simply happy.

That emotion has carried over to this week, too.

Now happy isn't an emotion that I'm used to, and when I am happy, I expect it to be for a specific reason. I'm because _________________.

I'll admit it: this happy-for-no-reason thing is freaking me out a little. I'm suspicious of it.

Yet I'm still happy enough that even that isn't too sad.

Now for all those waiting for trip photos to appear... I'm slowly adding them to Flickr, one folder for each city, so you can see them as I'm working on them. My goal for today is to go through the photos from the Acropolis and maybe Dubrovnik. You'll notice that I mainly take detail shots of buildings. I hope the spouser took some of the more "touristy" photos!!

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