Saturday, June 02, 2007

Just keep drumming along...

This is an image from the Bay to Breakers that I never uploaded. Women drummers in Golden Gate Park who drummed their support for us. It was fabulous.

(Truthfully I'd love to learn how to join these gals. Drumming would be a great stress relief and social activity. Don't we all have times when we'd like to beat the living daylights safely out of something? Oh.. that's just me?? Nevermind.)

When I walked by these ladies I was so tempted to stop and soak in the rhythm from them. But it wasn't quite the strong soul beat that I needed. It was slightly off from what my cells were seeking, so rather than fight with alternate rhythms, I walked on.

Lately, I've been struck by the realization that when the rhythm of something is "right" then the action is effortless. Walking, sewing, painting, breathing, living. It's all about finding that effortless rhythm. And it's amazing what a good night's sleep and remembering to eat every 3 hours can do for me! It's my part of my rhythm, part that I have been missing the last couple days. The part that tripped me down into a well.

I'm not perfect today, but I'm better. I've got some of my rhythm back; I can feel it beating in my muscle fibers. Thanks for all your kind comments and emails over the last day or so. (Heck, thank you for every comment you've ever made! Every email you've sent! Every connection we've made.)

You, too, are the drummer women of my lives. And you rock!

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