Thursday, June 28, 2007

Zodiac-Whacky, I Miss CAP...

Alas, it just isn't as much fun since Laurie of Crazy Aunt Purl has stopped writing her monthly horror-scopes. I understand get her book published takes up the time.. I'm not complaining.. it's just...

Remember how much fun her predictions for the month were?? January for example! OK, I'm quoting my monthly message. Yours was probably different, and if it wasn't Happy Birthday, Soon!!
And your To-Do is equally simple, but very satisfying: Use this month to exercise your future-tense daydream muscles. In place of all that time you spend in your head trying to fix or re-live the past, now just actively focus on daydreaming your future. See it in your mind, down to the shoes you'll wear. Be whoever you want to be in your futures, your fantasies, your imagination. Us crabs never fully live in the present, so if you have to choose between obsessing over the past (which you can never change) or daydreaming a beautiful future... always, always pick the future. (And yes, my daydreams include what shoes I will be wearing. Indeed!)
So Laurie found a substitute to take over. She did not leave us in the learch, un-horrorscoped! And Phyllis Firak-Mitz is a fine writer. Just not quite as quirky as Laurie. My prediction for this month:

Idea! Contracts! Realizations! Your mind and your phone will be buzzing all month as Mercury and other planets stimulate your thoughts and communications. Sure Mercury retrograde through July 10th can cause some snafus in your plans. But it’s also buying you time to think more deeply about what you really want. And it’s attracting others to think more about you, too! Expect some good ideas and offers around July 1st, 5th, 14th, 28th, and 29th. Friendships will also be active during July, as Mars gives you courage and sex appeal to strike up new alliances. It will also help you climb out of your Cancerian shell and assert yourself in existing relationships. That’s a good thing, since it might be time to hash out some value or financial differences you’ve been experiencing with others, especially between July 23rd through August 2nd. Remember: As rocky as matters can sometimes get this month, you can ultimately gain greater security by standing up for yourself and by letting go of projects and relationships that don’t support you. In doing so, you’ll realize what’s worth cultivating with that wonderful nurturing energy of yours, and what (or who!) is just draining your energy.
Let's just imagine what Laurie would have done with that. Guess I should get back to editing those photos...

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