Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Is this thing working??

Paw As Still Life
Paw As Still Life

Ok, I've tried to comment on several people's blog just now, with absolutely no luck. (Deb L. although I can't see your photos.. get the extra paint!!). So my question is:

Is this thing working?

I posted a photo "Paw As Still Life" at the beginning of this post. Can you see it?
And below is a photo I've uploaded using Blogger (though I don't think I will again.. and I'm not sure I like this accepting another TOS to Picasa Web Album or whatever it is.. but this is a test). It's Katy hanging out on the deck Can you see this one??

Can you comment on this blog?? (Ok, maybe not applicable because it's HaloScan). Can you comment on Deb's Daily Distractions ??

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