Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Fussing...

Today has been a little bit of everything, but not much remarkable.

This morning was my annual physical; I passed with flying colors though I'm personally not thrilled with the direction my cholesterol is headed. Re-test in 3 months; and if it's not improved increase the meds. For me, Lipitor is a good thing!!

While I was getting poked and prodded, the spouser picked up his new Eos. So appropriately we took a drive up to one of our favorite restaurants: Athenian Grill up in Suisin. We kept the top down until we had to get on the freeway; at 50F it was just a bit nippy for driving top down at 65F. We started playing with the bells and whistles. I discovered a warmed seat can be quite a good thing! His salesman suggested that putting the seat on high might cook supper on the drive home!

Our lunch was a meze plate each, and I allowed myself a small piece of baklava for dessert. We watched reservists practice their touch-n-gos with those honking huge cargo planes while we ate (Suisin is near Travis AFB). Fine lunch.

An afternoon of puttering around the house and cooking a pot of weekend chili and I'm ready to sit down with a needle and some embroidery floss and play with my ArtShare stuff.

Tomorrow? Sewing...

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