Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Computer, she is broke..

Well, not completely broke like a blue screen of death kind of thing.... she simply refuses to connect to the wireless network. So I'm taking her in to the Geek Squad today. She needs a new battery anyway.

It is an odd thing. My computer knows I have a very good wireless connection. My browsers simply can't find it.

She works in the store for the Geek Squad; at home, she is still difficult. So I stuck sitting in hubby's office when he is off elsewhere and sticking the ethernet cable into my little girl. This is very inconvient, I have been the wireless wonder for almost 2 years.

Apparently there is some funky setting that will not let my play. I will spend more time looking at setting on my laptop and the spouse's laptop trying to find the disparity. If it does not happen soon, however, I will calling The Geek Squad for a home visit to fix it. $179 right up in smoke.

I will accept all suggestions on where to look for (probably) a proxy setting that is screwed up.

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