Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm having a good day.. without photos.

I've spent a few hours the past couple days playing with this idea. Though I'm having fun, I've decided that it doesn't need to go further. Paul Klee's paintings look like quilt blocks.. so I was wondering if I could use a similar technique to paint some fabric and make it into a quilt. It's turning into a fun experiment in layering color with watercolor. However, the work is so derivative that I now think I will just use it for a little play but let it be as far as a new piece. What would I be saying?

So I've worked through an idea by using some inexpensive watercolor paint and cheap watercolor paper instead of the real paints and fabrics. A good thing.

Today I got outside to work in my gardens for about 1.5 hours. My landscaper neighbors tore all the groundcover juniper from a bed (8'x15')a couple weeks ago. So I'm turning over the bare dirt, clearing some of the weeds and moving some plants up into the area. It's a good 1 month project, but atleast I've got a start on it. Pictures when it's further along.

Katy (my black lab) is all healed from her plastic surgery and feeling feisty. I'ts amazing how good she looks!!

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