Thursday, March 30, 2006

Excuse me while I rant.

Our ignorant government, deep in the back pockets of corporate America has struck close to home!

The Customs Office at SeaTac has grabbed Katy's meds and refuses to send them on to us. They are siting that it's illegal for a person to use drugs from another country... but this is for my dog!! Diane, can they do this?? (yes, I know they can they are the fracking government).

I signed my papers and mailed them in.. they will open the containers (sealed at the manufacturer and identical to the ones I would get my local drugstore) and test them to make sure that there really is Synthroid in the bottles. Meanwhile, Katy is running low on pills. I will have to call the pharmacy in the morning and see what can be done.

If the drug manufacturers can profitably sell drugs to Canadians at 20% what we pay here in the US, then they can sell them to US for the same price. They would, ofcourse, only make reasonable profits of maybe 15% instead of the 70% or so they are making now...

Bah! I need to go punch something.

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