Thursday, March 23, 2006

I love Canadian Pharmacy Trust.

I love CANADIAN PHARMACY TRUST!! My dog Katy needs thyroid replacement meds; the generic brand they make for pets doesn't work for her (it doesn't for about 10% of pets), so she is on the non-generic Synthroid. And she takes 5 pills a day. In the US it cost me over $125 for one bottle of 100 pills. Yeah. That would be over $150/month.

Canadian Pharmacy ships her drugs down to me. I am getting 5 bottles of pills (a 90 day supply) plus international shipping for less than one bottle costs in the US. And.. I faxed them her prescription last night. They called me this morning to check on quantities and shipping address and will send it to me today. It will be in my mailbox within a week.

My personal drugs are covered under our health insurance plan at the moment. With the changes in benefits (and retirement in a few years), I don't know how long this will continue. But if I'm ever at the point that I need to pay for my own drugs, I'm going outta the country. (watch our government screw this up for me).

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