Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pajaro Pictures

I mentioned that last weekend we were down by Monterey on a Pickle Retreat. Actually, we were about 4 miles south of Santa Cruz on a quiet part of the bay called Pajaro Dunes. And although Julie Z. mentioned that there was snow on the beach at Santa Cruz, we didn't see it where we were. I even went walking on the beach barefoot!! But I thought I'd share a few photos:

Obviously it was stormy this weekend. That spit of land in the distance is Santa Cruz and those clouds became a storm a couple hours later.

The stormy weather meant there were plenty high waves. And this trip? No surfers!! (sigh).

Another shot of the clouds coming in from the west.

On my walk on Saturday we spotted this log that washed up in Friday's storm. Interesting at a distance....

I really loved the way it looked up close!

Looking at my pictures, you'd never know I spent 4 days with 10 other women, would you? One of them spent the weekend "practicing" taking pictures of us; she said she needs to learn how to take good pictures of people. I simply DON'T take pictures of people. Don't like to look at them, so I don't like to take them. (hmm... what does that say about me?)

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