Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ah, the Sweet Inspiration of Sleep...

I went to sleep last night thinking about Diane's houses. What I loved about the quilt was that the houses were rectangles not squares. That was what I wanted to capitalize upon.

The same size of everything was what I wanted to alter. And maybe change the sizes of the houses. but How? without developing major pains in putting it all together?

Ah, my love... the Fibonacci Series... varying sizes that must fit together. Maybe.

Now for a theme... Houses.. what kind of houses are there?

Coffee houses, tea houses,warehouses, greenhouses, houses on a hillside...Lots of choices. But do they have to be houses? Think I may just play with a shape for a while. Then I can decide if houses fits into this.

In the spirit of planning ahead, and with a decision to "use what I have" in April... I will pick fabric from a collection I already have. If I need a background, cool blue or light gray for rain.. or a light sunny yellow...


Obviously this is not a fully formed concept yet... so time to do some play with paper. (or maybe go back to sleep?)

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