Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another Monthly Challenge.. and more plans

Ok, like me you don't want to write a novel for a month.. and you don't want to write a blog post a month (I completely understand.. and we do need readers...). Maybe you will accept the challenge to comment on a new blog every day.. maybe not.

There is, however, a new month challenge: DrawMo.

And this one might appeal to you. The concept of DrawMo is simply to get out those art supplies you've been accumulating for years and use them.!! Draw More. They are borrowing the rules from NaArMaMo... (did you know there was a National Art Making Month challenge?? In August? I didn't.) and they're really simple. Draw something each day.

She even posted some suggested exercises from her mother.. my favorite:

Make the Dallas Cowboys Cross-Dress
Get a copy of the sports section and find some pictures of football players in action—American football. Those of you who’re overseas can look for photos online. They have to be wearing those padded uniforms, and the helmets. I guess hockey players would work, too, but try to find some pictures of brawls, perhaps, with the players in uncommon positions. Okay. Then, redraw the figures without all their gear, transformed into women, wearing women’s clothes and shoes.
Not that I'm totally nudging all of you to do something this month... but, yeah, I am.

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