Thursday, October 05, 2006

I've been thinking... always a dangerous thing.

I've been thinking... always a dangerous thing!! I wrote earlier this week about the Crafter's Companion. Chosen to highlight 17 blogging crafters.. each wrote about their own creative process. And each one shared a pattern. A brilliant concept!!

If someone among the art quilters were to do a similar book, how would it be approached?

I imagine choosing about 20 blogging artists each with a different style and strength. Having each one write a bit about thier studio and work process. Then each one sharing a technique that they use instead of a pattern. So more of a "how-to" to the process than the product. It would probably be published by someone like Pokey Bolton, though she hasn't done a book yet that I can tell (though if someone approached C&T they might consider it).

What would your version of this book look like?

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