Wednesday, October 04, 2006

All summer I've thought I was imagining this. I've regularly heard turkey noises in the valley behind our house.. always downhill from us. Was someone keeping a turkey in their backyard?

Late yesterday morning, I let the dogs out onto the deck. Both immediately headed over to the corner and began to raise Cain. A quick look explained why. Five wild turkeys were grazing in the grass behind our fence!!

I have never seen wild turkeys before. I'm thinking this is a sign that a) the rumored mountain lion in our town does not patrol this valley; and b) the coyotes really are less active in our valley. I think I've only heard the coyotes a couple times this summer.

Monday I had picked a 5 gallon bucket of ripe tomatoes. Yesterday I picked an equal size bucket of bad tomatoes (spots, holes, rotten, sunburned) and threw behind the fence. The turkeys, birds, deer, and other wildlife should enjoy some of them. Then I picked a few more found tomatoes. I processed these last night and froze the good stuff. There are still about 3-4 bucketsful of tomatoes on the plants that will ripen or rot over the next month.

I woke up today with a thought on that tricky triangle plan I've been playing with. I just may have to find some paper and experiment.

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