Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What's the Plan??

Gee, thanks, Blogger!! I was ready to spend this afternoon writing, but you decided to keep being unavailable. So I got lots of other work done. Do this next month, however, and I'll be royally pissed!!

Now that I've committed to blogging every day in November, I need a plan!! I mean what was I thinking??

OK. Deep breath. This isn't rocket science.

I talked to my Pickle-pal Roberta. When she's not selling real estate, she's a rep for E.E. Schenk, wholesale distributors for fabrics, notions, and books. I asked her to choose four tools that she thinks are really exciting. So on Tuesday I blog a "Cool Tools" post. I hope she's having fun thinking about this...

I really want to take time to work on some of the small things in magazines I've ear-marked. So I'll work on 4 of those and write them up Sundays. Tonight while I'm watching LOST and TOP CHEF, I'll check out past issues.

Tech/Ap Friday!! Maybe??

This plan is coming together!!

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