Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A great new Quilting Tool

I had heard about this before I went to PIQF. Pickle-pal Roberta is a rep. for one of the fabric/notions wholesaler and she mentioned that this was a killer tool. There just haven't been that many really cool things coming into quilting lately, so my ears perked up.

Olfa has come out with thier own rotating cutting mat. A nice 12" square, this is a brilliant design!! There is a small black base onwhich the mat sits. About the same thickness as the mat itself so it doesn't change the feel. This black base has a sticky side and a slippy side and a hole in the middle. If you buy this and the mat doesn't turn easily, flip the mat over; it's backward.

Anyway, the sticky side hold the mat to the table, the slippy side lets the mat turn, and the hole in the middle provides the resistence to make it turn easily in a circle.

It's perfect for squaring up blocks, or trimming up seams and stray pieces when paper piecing. And it will be easy to pack for workshops.

It ain't cheap, but watch for sales. At PIQF the Bernina dealer was selling these mats for 40% off. Being Olfa, they will probably eventually make their way to JoAnnes, Hancocks, and Michaels where those 40% and 50% off coupons work so well.

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