Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursday and Friday...

After deciding I needed a couple simple light skirts to wear this summer, I hied myself off to JoAnnes (coupon in hand) to see what they had to offer. Not much. The PERFECT crinkle gauze in the perfect green... but not enough to make a skirt. I opted for a pretty green linen with pink embroidery on it.

Then a stop at the little shop near my house. I bring EVERYONE into Sammy's shop (FABRIC DEPO in Pinole, Ca.)... so he gives me discounts. I found some great silk in a really nice solid green that I will make up in a couple days.

Back home, and digging through the fabric I always have. Wait. First I guess I should see what tops they need to match. OK. A tan tshirt, a red tshirt, and green tshirt. A black shell. A rayon tank in a batiky print.. and rayon "vacation" top... white with bright printing.

NOW go look for possibilities in my stash.

I found a nice red linen that I'd bought a couple years ago and never did anything with. Two hours later, it's a nice panel skirt. Only thing I'd like to change about this, is it needs pockets. But it's not going to get them. Maybe the next skirt.

I found a cool batik in tans, blues, greens and a gold. I've owned it for years without using it; it will probably be the next skirt.

I make simple panel skirts. Front and back are (for me) 24" wide and 34" long. They are seamed to 2/3rds of the way down the thigh, and are open below that. So turn the sides in and stitch, seam these together, fold down a 1" waist (insert elastic) and fold a hem. Voila.

Today we are planning on going to see StarWars III, and probaby go out to lunch. The rest of the day, I'll be weeding gardens, and prepping panels for skirts. Photos to follow.

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Deborah said...

Ok... so I suppose you can see that I read the previous post about the skirts first. Then I asked for the pattern and details before I realized, here there are right in the next post. You're a mind reader. But, I still want the pictures, please.