Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I HAD to share this you all right away ... because... well, because I have been whining for 12 days about it.

The story:

Got a phonecall this morning from United OHare that Steve's bag was there. They've been trying to contact him at someplace in Chicago (apparently), and finally decided to call his house. They were SHOCKED that a trace had been placed on this bag and they never knew.

But then the explanation made it all clear.

Steve had not removed the old flight tag from when he flew into Chicago... and the person at the counter had somehow not put a new flight tag on the bag. Or it fell off. Or she put on the new tag and then removed IT instead of the old tag. Or something.

So Chicago has been holding a bag from an Oakland flight to OHare trying to track him down... and Oakland has talking to OHare about a bag destined for Oakland. Same bag, different tags. No connection.

The bag is coming home on the next flight, and will be in Oakland at 8 tonight. They are writing a letter requesting that it be delivered this evening if possible. Steve is off for Japan the end of the week, so the timing is almost perfect. (so much better than replacing everything in the next couple days).

The phonecall came just minutes before I left to replace the camera and the bag... saved me a good $300 that I don't really have to spend. Phweeew...


JulieZS said...

So, did you get a camera yesterday, so that you now have two??

Deb R said...

Hey, that's even better than the usual "practical joke by the universe" thing....you didn't even actually have to BUY a new camera, you only had to DECIDE to buy a new one to shake the old one loose. Yay!

Karoda said...

woohoo!!!!! nothing short of a miracle, eh?!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Debra! That is so awesome! OK, so now, besides the list of all the suitcase contents...the OTHER new rule is "remove the old tags from your suitcase!"

The biker Debbie

gabrielle said...

Imagine that with all the security, no bag without a passenger...they even hold planes to remove luggage...you got Steve's goodies home safe and sound. Sorry about not getting the new camera....maybe you should buy one just to celebrate;

Sonji Hunt said...


Liz said...

Brilliant... I'm so glad.