Saturday, June 04, 2005

Why my husband married me.

I make him laugh.

Sometimes I make him laugh intentionally.... but often he just finds what I say funny.

An example:

Last week I made stuffed peppers for supper one night. There was all this meat mixture left, with a little bit of rice mixed in. I formed it into a loaf shape and baked it off at the same time. (logical, yes? Part of it had been frozen before, so I couldn't freeze it (I usually just freeze the leftover stuffing and use it the next time.) )

So last Saturday I told him that the brown lump under plastic wrap in the fridge was "supposed to be meatloaf for lunch sandwiches."

Now my husband is a physical-analytical chemist. Does that sound the kind of person who would NOT take things literally? So he stops playing his computer game, turns and looks at me...

"If it's supposed to be meatloaf, what is it really??" laughing all the while...

He ate it anyway.

A couple of hours later I had to start thinking about supper that night. Now my usual MO is to cook some meat (usually on the grill), maybe make a salad, and throw some veggie into the microwave to heat. I really find thinking about veggies hard. So I often forget to prep them when they are fresh and they turn into ugly soggy brown-black messes in the fridge. Life would be so much easier/healthier if I could easily deal with veggies. But this is only partly about veggies...

I looked in the meat compartment.

All I had thawed was breakfast link sausages. And I did not want a breakfast supper. We needed to eat some veggies. Veggies aren't big in a breakfast supper.

So I had to go up and ask (because the answer was not obvious to me)...

Uhm... we are having sausages and applesauce... and what hot veggie goes with that??

Now when I care, I am a good cook. But I've been making dinner for a family since I was 12... 42 years. So obviously the charm has departed this particular activity. I often just look at it as an exercise to provide the right nutrition. And do it about 20 minutes. (I'll admit it... for us that mean I need to make us eat veggies. I really have to work at eating veggies. I say that a lot. Do something about? Not so much).

But I think that dinner was probably one of my low points.

BTW, Steve went with lima beans; I went with brussel sprouts.

Don't ask.

But I bet you laughed (before you gagged).


Sonji Hunt said...

I make my husband laugh too, Debra. He says I'm silly almost everyday...and each time it's followed with a kiss.

Doesn't everyone want their partner to have a sense of humor? Their friends, too. All my friends are wacky and proud of it. Well, except that one, and I don't really like her that much anyway.

teri springer said...

"So obviously the charm has departed this particular activity."

Boy, my sentiments exactly. I love spicey food and variety. My DH prefers meat & potatoes (bland). My sons don't like much of anything....unless it's spare ribs (which we had Memorial Day). I like to be creative in the kitchen but it's hard to get enthusiastic when no one appreciates it.

Anyway, after a 3.5 hour Little League game today, I am NOT in the mood to be too fancy....

BTW, Brussels sprouts go with everything (of course, I'm the only one in our family who will eat them.....)