Thursday, June 30, 2005

What Does Your Birthdate Mean?

Your Birthdate: June 30

Your birthday on the 30th day of the month shows individual self-expression is necessary for your happiness.

You tend to have a good way of expressing yourself with words, certainly in a manner that is clear and understandable.

You have a good chance of success in fields requiring skill with words.

You can be very dramatic in your presentation and you may be a good actor or a natural mimic.

You have a vivid imagination that can assist you in becoming a good writer or story-teller.

Strong in your opinions, you always tend to think you are on the right side of an issue.

There may be a tendency to scatter your energies and have a lot of loose ends in your work.

You may have significant artistic talent and be very creative.


deb said...

Happy Birthday Debra. Today is my eldest son's BD too. Boy is that internet quiz thing right on. Any words of advice to a 25 year old with the same birthday?
What would you do different?

Cathy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! That's me singing loudly. Way clever of you to post this for your birthday. From what I know about you from reading your blog only, it seems very true. Now when's that book coming out?

Carol Logan Newbill said...

Happy birthday! :)

Scrapmaker said...

Happy birthday Deborah! May you have another wonderful creative year (and many more!) Jen

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Happy happy birthday to you!

Deb R said...

Happy Birthday Debra!! Your morning outing with the dogs sounded like a great start to the day. Hope the rest of it is just as enjoyable.

Rosie said...

Let me add my wishes to your birthday too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

teri springer said...

Happy, Happy, one day late. Was DH's birthday too. Only part about all that which holds true for him is: "Strong in your opinions, you always tend to think you are on the right side of an issue."