Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wednesday ToDo

How time flies. It's cleaning Wednesday again. (the floors are looking really "furry").

1. Clean the house.

2. Continue making leaves. (aim for 20).

3. Work on the "simple sketch" for the city. (HAH!!)

4. Empty the rolling compost bin and spread that among the shrubs. Let Steve reload it tonight.

5. Start organizing books to take to the used book store, and fabric to take to the consignment quilt shop.


Gerrie said...

That is what we did. We built a pergola on the back of the house. We used our neighbors drawings - they did an identical one, but this was only for an ok from our homeowner's assoc. I say build it and apologize later!!

Deborah said...

A consignment quilt shop? How's that work?

Debra said...

I take the fat quarters, half yard pieces and yard pieces of fabrics I don't want anymore. She sorts them, and sells at 1/2 the retail price. I get 75% of the sale, she gets 25%. And I get a check every month that my sales are over $5.

You can also decide to have her order bolts of fabric.. sell most of it and give you either part of the bolt for free... or sell the whole thing and give you the cash.

It's amazing that it works, but it does.

gabrielle said...

The important question: Did they find the luggage?