Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tuesday Night Class/Wednesday ToDo

Last night was my first WATERCOLOR ON FABRIC class. We are going to hear today how things shake out, as we were below the minimum enrollment. Of the three of us there, two can switch over to the daytime regular watercolor class (and simply use slightly different materials), and one can't. So we'll see...

The instructor (Cintra) wanted to develop a technique for painting on fabrics; but her chemical sensitivities meant she couldn't chance using some of the standard materials. We will be using Createx Pure Pigments. and playing with paint, paper and silk. Nothing to show at the moment.. the class last night was a run through the supply list.

I had friends over Monday night, so I cleaned then... and my cleaning Wendesday is FREE!!

So my ToDo:

Walk the dogs and do some strength/stretching exercises.
Make leaves for euc.
Mow grass and pull my daily bucket-o-weeds.
Start gathering materials for the class.

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Gerrie said...

Your cards are beautiful and reminds me that I need to get mine done. I promised Virginia some cards a month ago. She said - No rush, I'm leaving on a trip and of course now she is back and I have not done the cards!!