Thursday, June 23, 2005

Vacation planning, kind of...

Early in July, Steve and I are heading to Illinois for a week. While most of the time will be spent with his mother (trying to figure out how to get her in a home that's safer for a 86 year old woman), we are spending a couple days as tourists.

After we fly in, we will drive up to the Wisconsin Dells. Get there in the late afternoon, try to time adjust that night, take a trip on the upper Dells the next day then leave for Galena, Ill.

Hmm... Galena, Il.. why would we go there? Well, Steve is a civil war nut, and Galena is the home of US Grant. He wants to visit the museum and also spend a day at a state park nearby.

So much for the vacation. We'll drive down the Mississippi from there to the quad cities where Steve grew up.

The good news: the motels we are staying in all boast high speed internet connections... so early in the trip I should be able to upload photos and whine about the heat and HUMIDITY.

Once we get to the quad cities, it looks like we'd have to drive out to the airport to get a wireless connection. That would be no problem for me... but I doubt we'll really feel like it much.

Looking through my wardrobe, I am not equipped to deal with midwest humidity. (I was born there, and NEVER equipped to deal with it). So, inspired form several sources...I will be sewing a couple loose and easy skirts to wear.


Sonji Hunt said...

Not to put a damper on your impending vacation, Deb...but, why would you want to go the WI Dells? It's a tourist nightmare. Surely you could enjoy another of our lovely Wisconsin vacation areas.

Deborah said...

I've been thinking about sewing a couple of skirts. Can you please either talk me out of it or tell me what pattern you'll be using? And post pictures, please!