Thursday, June 16, 2005

Adding to the "suckage verbage"

Ok, so Deb Richardson's work Sucks Rocks. Kinda hard to swallow??H

And Carol Logan Newbill's work sucks on toast. Ala Shit on a Shingle??

To add to this list... when something is horrible (in my mind)... it sucks bilge water. Hey, atleast water IS suckable... but bilge water??? not in my life.


Carol Logan Newbill said...


Debra, you do realize that these blogs are cached on Google? If someone Googles my name and the first entry that comes up is "Carol Logan Newbill's work sucks on toast," I'm comin' after ya, I promise. :D

Debra said...

Hey, Carol... I tried this.. Google isn't showing anything from my site to me...

I pages through stories about Mike Logan on L&O... and mentions by or about you on other people's blogs.. nary a word of me...

So maybe you're safe.

Deb R said...

ROFLMAO at Carol's comments, cuz I thought the SAME THING!! Oh yeah....first thing people see when they find this post is "Deb Richardson's work Sucks Rocks"! LOL!!!

And as far as "kinda hard to swallow", who the heck said you had to swallow what you suck? (Which sounds really bad now that I think about it so, um...never mind.) :-)

And about those Google searches, it blows my mind to see what search strings lead people to my blog. I wrote a snarky commentary about a designer toilet a while back and I STILL get hits from Google because of people searching for "purist hatbox". Go figure!!