Saturday, June 04, 2005

Living a day with no Virtue...

Of course I HAD to read DebR.'s post about 20 Virtuous days ... and her link to Joshylin Jackson's FASTER THAN KUDZU blog and the whole explanation of 20 viruous days. (basically eating well, exercising and getting in shape).

And ofcourse I had to read this just before we headed to the town's CULTURAL FESTIVAL. We went there for lunch. First we walked among the booths for the banks, realtors, and the civic activities (police, fire, library, etc.). Picked up our freebies (pens, key rings, and a pedometer). But we really went for food.

Most of the food booths set up, and get high school students to work for them for the weekend. They sell a variety of foods (we are a culturally diverse community) with most lunches going for $5. And all the profits go to the civic projects.

So STeve had the POLISH DOG WITH THE WORKS FOR EXPLORERS (the high school police training program). I was torn between the HAWAIIAN HAND ROLL (spam, rice and a seaweed wrap) FOR THE LIBRARY or the CHINESE SAMPLER FOR SCHOOL ARTS. I went with the art.

In case you are interested, we passed up: soul food, filipino food, bbq, southern catfish, hotdogs, and several others cuisines. All this in a town with a population of 20,000.

While we were dining on the lawn under the trees, we discussed tonight's big entertainer: Pete Escovedo. He's a big name latin jazz master who will be playing at 6 pm.

And we decided to come back down to the listen to him. And to pick up our FUNNELCAKE FOR THE SENIOR CENTER at that time.

I'm living virtuosly today... but in a totally different way.


Debra said...

I obviously can't even SPELL virtuous!! I think there are 3 variations in one post.

Deb R said...

The spelling just proves you are creative. :-)

The festival sounds wonderful. I miss that sort of diversity living here.