Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tuesday ToDo

still no bag found by United.

1. Stop at City Hall for building permit. update. OK, I hate city hall. For a simple shade structure over part of my deck, they want me to provide detailed engineering drawings, a complete materials list, and show that a shade cover can withstand 80 MPH winds and a 4.0 earthquake. And pay them the privilege of $100 for ok'ing the project. think we will be doing this one illegally. fuck 'em.

2. Pick up glasses. done

3. Call on lost bag. Regularly. done.

4. Work on Eucalyptus leaves. 5 done. upteehundredand 11 to go.

5. Straighten up studio. I wish it was done.

1 comment:

Sharkeysday said...

You "go girl"! :-) We actually opted to buy a canopy thing from Target rather than dealing with the stupid hassles of permits. I'm amazed what they make you get a permit for!