Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wednesday To Dos

Nothing scheduled with the outside world today.

I'm watching the morning news talking about moderation in the legislature... and I hope this is a trend that catches on. The end of my political ranting for a long while. (is that moderate enough of me??)

So today I plan to paint up a lot of fabric.

Dick Blick's had a big sale on paints, so I had ordered up a number of the GOLDEN FLUID ACRYLIC PAINTS. Today I'm going to play with these so I can compare them to the seta color and liquitex fluid acrylics I've used already. I've got several odd pieces of fabrics with unknown fiber content.. and I want to paint these up too. Each has really great texture to it but very boring colors.

When the fabric is painted and drying, I'll hopefully finish quilting on Euc.

I visited Gerrie's art quilt group yesterday and they confirmed my feelings for the next step. (sorry, I'm not sharing until I've decided which way to go with this.)

Walk the dogs this evening, then settle down to enjoy LOST.

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