Thursday, May 26, 2005

Thursday To Do

Steve has the camera, so no pictures of the newly painted fabrics.. or the little quiltlet I worked on while watching LOST.

Today I'm meeting some friends at a hardware store. We are being given a dollar limit, and the challenge of finding stuff that can be used for embellishments/encrustations in fiber art and altered books. We will show and share our finds over lunch at (what a surprise)... a Thai restaurant.

This afternoon, quilting.

Then later I walk with my friend Linda.

I have a couple DVDs to watch: Being Julia and Hotel Rwanda.


Sonji Hunt said...

What a pain to not have the camera, eh? That means more time to work instead of posting pictures! Right, that's what I did (not).

Logan said...

When the camera gets back, your audience of fans (or me, at the very least) want to see what you got at the hardware store, the quiltlet, and the fabrics. Photos woman, photos! I can't live without photos!