Sunday, May 08, 2005

BlueStar Mother's Day.

I wrote a long ugly rant about Mother's day, then kindly decided to trash it before I posted it.

Just wanted to remind you that the original intent of Mother's Day was to honor those women who had lost a child in a war. (I believe it was the Spanish-American war, but I could be wrong). Merchants would give these women special gifts: a free flower, a free beverage at the soda counter, a complimentary dessert with their sunday meal. It was the community sympathizing with these women for their loss.

Although I detest what Mother's Day has become (along with all the commerically artificial holidays), I do support this original intent of the day. If you know any women who are Blue Star Moms, spend some time today thanking them.

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JulieZS said...

I totally agree, although it is a good day to honor your own mother. Here is a link to Julia Ward Howe's original mother's day proclamation. Very radical and about as anti-war as any mother should be.