Monday, May 16, 2005

ToDo, Monday

A weekend of inspirations. Now to throw some design ideas on the wall and see what sticks.

A day of chores. Hopefully some creative work gets done inbetween things.

It's lunchtime, so I'm updating.

1. Oil changed in the pupmobile 9am. Although the milage is way too low, it's time for her 2 year birthday servicing. (two years old, 12,600 miles.. and I drive almost day!! Can you tell they are a lot of short drives?). (do I need to pick anything up at Michael's or Hancock's fabric?)DONE. Picked up some white muslin and tapestry needles.


2.Should be home by 11 to get some quilting done on euc.

3. Appt. at 2 to firm up plans for the cover (trellis/portico/whatever. SHADE PRODUCER) over 1/3 of the deck. Remember to confirm that structure will hold the porch swing.

4. Finish up 10 leaves for euc. Draw out 20 more. These are the sewing equivalent of eating potato chips when drawn and cut out... once I start working on them, it's hard to stop.

5. Take a picture of "my tree" and write up that story for a later blog.

6. Walk the dogs.

1 comment:

Liz said...

"throw some design ideas on the wall and see what sticks."

I love this! Brilliant idea!